Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Introducing Drupal Search

I am a fan of Drupal and spend a lot of time at, following the new topics, modules & themes. However many times the search function is disabled during high traffic or when I am not logged in. I had been using the Google CSE block for myself, however I thought it would be fun to share it with all the community. So I spend a evening creating a page, registered a domain and walla we have the Drupal Search Engine.

The search engine is pretty self revealing give it a spin and let me know any feedbacks.

Don't miss out the refinement just above your search results which can help you narrow down the results (hopefully a plus over search).

- Victor


Anonymous said...

Great Idea - many thanks for doing this and hope it works out for the community!

Ipsita said...

This is called utilizing available resources in best way. :)
I am happy to reach the ;'Drupal Search'.


Avior said...

I have create firefox addon for this site , have a look here